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Developers Drenn
Written in Unknown
Operating System(s) Nintendo DS OS
Architecture(s) Unknown
Latest stable release December 1, 2013
Latest unstable release January 27, 2014
Status In development
Release date(s) February 22, 2013

GameYob is a homebrew GameBoy emulator which emulates Gameboy games. It was released on February 22, 2013. Citra can run this emulator very slowly; however keep in mind Citra is in its early days.



  • Rating: Stars2
  • Details: Loads emulator, can play anything GameYob is compatible with (including GB and GBC games). Plays games extremely slowly (virtually unplayable).


  • Rating: Stars1
  • Details: Does not load.


  • Rating: Stars1
  • Details: Does not load.

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