Developers smealum
Publishers smealum

Series None

Release date(s) January 19, 2014 (WW)
Genre(s) Shooter
Mode(s) Single Player
Compatibility Ratings Citra: Stars4

3dmoo: Stars3 TronDS: Stars3

Yeti3DS is a homebrew port of Yeti3D made by smealum. The game is a tech demo originally made to show off a game engine.


The goal of the game is to avoid and kill the monsters attacking you and make it to the end without dying. Press A to shoot your weapon.



  • Rating: Stars4
  • Details: Plays the game great; 50-60 FPS, occasional slowdowns but nothing serious.


  • Rating: Stars3
  • Details: Plays the game OK; slowdowns occur sometimes.


  • Rating: Stars3
  • Details: Very slow.

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